In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory makes it possible for our doctors to identify illnesses and diagnose disease immediately. With these capabilities we are able to initiate treatments quickly and achieve a more positive outcome. Additionally, the in-house laboratory allows for rapid response to emergency cases. Patients can often get blood work results back while they wait and medications can be dispensed at the time of departure.

Our in-house Abaxis laboratory system integrates all your diagnostic results from other analyzers into a single report for a comprehensive view of your pet’s health status.

  • LaserCyte analyzer provides you with reference laboratory-quality complete blood counts (CBCs), including a true five-part differential and reticulocyte count.
  • Abaxis Chemistry Analyzer
  • High-powered microscope
  • Blood centrifuge.

Our equipment is well-maintained to ensure fast, accurate results when minutes count for an accurate diagnosis of illness. We also are electronically integrated with Abaxis reference laboratories which enables us to provide extensive services and receive rapid results for our clients when they need advanced testing and consultation from board-certified veterinary pathologists.