Dental Care

The staff at Wellpet Humane takes dental health seriously, as we believe it is fundamental in maintaining a healthy pet. Did you know?

  • Up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats that don’t receive proper dental care will develop signs of dental disease by the age of three.
  • 28 million pet owners think bad breath is normal for their pet.
  • 42% of pet owners believe dog’s mouths are cleaner than human’s.

Periodontal disease is one of the most common problems seen in veterinary medicine. Periodontal disease begins when plaque, an adhesive fluid of bacteria and mucin cells, form on the surface of the tooth. Plaque can begin forming as quickly as 2 days after a dental cleaning. If the plaque is not removed, salts and minerals in the saliva and food cause it to begin to harden. When the plaque hardens, it turns yellowish-brown and is called calculus (or tartar). The calculus irritates gum tissue, allows food particles to become trapped, and changes the pH of the mouth. The pH change in the mouth allows bacteria to live below the gingival surface where the bacteria causes infection, damage to teeth, and to other underlying structures.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Bad breath
  • Red, Inflamed gums
  • Yellow or discolored teeth
  • Reluctance to play with or chew toys
  • Difficulty eating or dropping food
  • Pawing at the face
  • Sensitivity around the mouth

If your pet is experiencing any of the above please schedule an appointment.

Dental disease can be easily prevented by following your veterinarian’s advice regarding dental examinations, home care, and dental cleanings.