Important Information Regarding COVID-19 Virus

July 29, 2020 – We are re-opening our doors once again! This pandemic has been challenging for all of us. Here at Wellpet Humane, we have worked tirelessly to stay open and stay fully staffed, while doing everything possible to keep our staff, our clients and our patients safe and healthy. As essential workers, our goal is to be here for you and your pets when you need us.

Recently in an abundance of caution, we returned to only offering curbside service, after the COVID-19 cases started to increase once again in our area and we had exposure within the hospital. Following CDC and Georgia Department of Health guidelines, Wellpet has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both staff and clients. We continue to practice social distancing, heightened cleaning/sanitizing protocols and daily staff temperature checks.

Beginning Thursday, July 30 all clients will continue to have the option to be seen strictly curbside, but we will also re-open our doors for regular in-person service as well. Masks are required to enter the building and we are asking that you please limit the number of owners bringing the pet to the appointment to one (1). Exceptions will always be made for euthanasia appointments. So come in and enjoy the air conditioning!

We want to thank all of our loyal clients for the amount of patience and understanding you have shown us as we try our best to navigate through this pandemic. We are here for you!

Important Note Regarding Online Prescriptions

Wellpet Humane’s policy regarding online pharmacies has been in place since November 1, 2015 when we ceased to communicate with any online pharmacy other than our own. We are happy to provide a written outsource prescription form that you can then mail to any online pharmacy you wish to use. We completely understand that by the year 2020 it seems like we should easily be able to call or fax in these approvals for you, however, our busy pharmacy staff must stay dedicated to filling the MANY in-house prescriptions, prescription refills and refill requests we receive from our own online pharmacy daily. Due to the unorganized fashion that many of these online companies operate, one simple request can take up a large portion of staff time for something that our hospital makes zero revenue from to help pay for that overhead. When we receive 50-100 requests per day, you can imagine we cannot afford to pay our staff to work on something all day that fails to contribute toward our revenue. Our mission here at Wellpet has always been to offer top quality veterinary care at the most affordable prices possible. Our mission is to end “economic euthanasia”.

Although our own in-house and online pharmacy prices may not always be the absolute lowest, please understand that the sales of our pharmaceuticals help subsidize the cost of other services at our clinic and help keep your costs as low as possible. We can also verify that when ordering from our own pharmacy, you are receiving safe, ethically acquired products directly from one of the most reliable veterinary distributors in the United States. Any other online orders will be between you as the pet owner and the online pharmacy; we will not provide information to the pharmacy on a client’s behalf. All of the well-known online pharmacies have notes on our account that indicate that we do not communicate with them. They have since 2015 and we regularly check in to be sure they still have it since they continuously send us requests without notifying our clients that no response will be given.

We truly appreciate your understanding in this matter. Please help support WellPet Humane by keeping your business with us!