To Our Valued Clients

We have been very pleased here at Wellpet with the results of our instituting appointments in our wellness clinic instead of continuing to be a walk-in clinic. This change took place May 1st, 2019 and we have seen both a dramatic drop in our client’s wait times as well as an improvement in our staff’s ability to spend more quality time with both you and your pets, ensuring their best care. In an effort to provide the same level of service to all of our clients and their pets, starting July 1st, 2019, we will begin offering triple the amount of sick pet appointments that we are able to schedule each day. We will still take walk-ins around our appointments, but by adding many more available appointment times, we are hoping that the need for you to walk-in without an appointment will not be necessary and they stay reserved to only those in true urgent situation. Please note that while we are able to provide treatment in most cases, Wellpet Humane is not an emergency facility and may refer you to one if it is in the best interest of your pet. Also beginning July 1st, we will start staying open over the lunch hour and have additional staff scheduled later in the afternoons. We truly want to accommodate all of our clients as best we can!

Another exciting announcement is that we are working on getting an entire new phone system that can better handle our extremely large call volume. We realize our clients are having a difficult time getting in touch with us, which certainly does not meet our standards in customer service. We truly appreciate how understanding our clients were during our recent lobby renovations and again we ask for your patience while we implement this new telephone system. We hope you are enjoying our new reception windows as much as we are and that this new phone upgrade will make it extremely easy for you to get in touch with us.

Best Wishes, The Wellpet Team

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At Home Dental Care

Home dental care is a preventative maintenance, it does not correct dental problems. The goal of a dental home care program is to decrease plaque and prevent calculus formation on your pet’s teeth. Prevention of periodontal disease involves a multifaceted approach combining the use of daily brushing, diets, chews, and treats. The more that you can do at home, the less will need to be done by your veterinarian. Several [...]


Symptoms If your dog, especially a puppy, begins exhibiting any of these symptoms, call us immediately.  When parvo is involved, every hour counts. The secret of survival is quick treatment, so don’t ignore these symptoms!  One or all of these will usually begin showing after 3 – 10 days of infection.  We treat parvo at Wellpet Humane. Please call us immediately if your pet shows any symptoms. Lethargic.  If your [...]

Canine Influenza

As many people have recently heard, there has been a confirmed case of Canine Influenza diagnosed in Georgia this week. Although the cross-reactivity of the available vaccine with the current virus is unknown, many boarding and grooming facilities will be requiring dogs to be vaccinated. We are also recommending that any dogs visiting dog parks or other areas in which unvaccinated dogs may be present should receive the Canine Influenza [...]