July 20, 2017

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No Wellness Plans?

Important Wellness Concerns

Currently Wellness Plans are the trend in veterinary medicine. These plans are prepackaged services that are paid ahead of time, usually on installments. These plans have pros and cons:

The Pros-
Clients normally have unlimited office calls.
Clients can budget their basic pet care expenses such as office visits, vaccines and some diagnostics.

The Cons-
Pet owners often think they are purchasing medical insurance policies that would defray the high cost associated with sick or injured pets. They are often surprised when they learn of additional fees due when their pet gets sick.
Like some health club memberships, clients pay every month for services that may not get used.
There are often nonrefundable fees associated with signing a contract
Third party administration of wellness plans require fees that are passed on to the consumer, driving up the cost of service.

WellPet’s Policy

  • Offer value, affordable services plus excellent veterinary medicine every day
  • Offer our clients/patients only what they need based on the individual living conditions of their pet.
  • Don’t over-vaccinate
  • Encourage all clients to have annual visits and proactive care for early detection and treatment
  • Encourage our clients to start a “rainy day” fund for sick or emergency situations that are bound to happen.

At this time WellPet does not believe wellness packages are in the best interests of our cost-conscious clientele.