July 20, 2017

Phone: 770-455-1011

The WellPet Story

WellPet Humane is a non profit veterinary clinic  founded in January of 2008. We provide quality medical care at an affordable cost (Not Free) to pet owners that are financially struggling . While operating our original program, Project CatSnip for six years we witnessed many pet owners who loved their pets but unable to afford medical care. They were able to scrape together enough for spay or neuter, our low cost vaccines and a few treatments because they were affordable. In 2008 we opened WellPet Humane to extend these important veterinary services and help provide a place where indigent pets could get the critical treatments they need, at an affordable cost.

We emphasize pet wellness, preventative care and client education, recognizing that all are the basis for a healthier, happier, longer life for your pet.  Our veterinarians and staff are here to serve dogs and cats owned by people who are financially struggling.

We all know that a healthy pet is a happy pet. The foundation of good health is wellness care. Wellness care means providing medical care for your pet to ensure that the animal stays as healthy as possible and avoids becoming seriously ill.