July 20, 2017

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testimonialsWhat Our Clients Are Saying In February 2014:

“I love this place. The prices are amazing & that is SO helpful. Everyone is very friendly & cares about the animals. The place is kept very clean & does not smell. I have recommended to my friends and will continue to do so.” – V Moore

“The clinic gives high quality affordable healthcare for my critters. I could not be more pleased. Y’all are always so nice, helpful, compassionate, and you upload all of my pets records to Petly which is always convenient to use.” – Melissa

“My dog was neutered on Thursday and on Saturday I had concerns. I was able to come right back in to the office and have him looked at. It was a comfort to understand what was going on.” – E Diehl

“I would definitely give you guys Five Stars. I was informed about the surgery before she went in and was called immediately when she was in recovery. I will definitely give you guys a great recommendation to all my friends.” – S Webb

“Clean, no overbearing odors, friendly and personable staff, costs are affordable for persons on fixed incomes. My former vet wanted $56 for a 1 year Rabies Vaccination. WellPet was far, far less–for all vaccinations.” – C Sewell

“WellPet went above and beyond with the care of our dog, Winston. Not only did they save his life once, they took all of the precautions to ensure a safe procedure happened for him this last time. I cannot say enough great things about WellPet!” – K Patterson

Prior Testimonials

I truly believe that you guys enjoy what you all do. I feel that you guys LOVE the animals.”
“Y’all are the BEST! LOVE U, LOVE U, LOVE U!!!!”
“I liked that the nurse commented on my pets saying “oh so cute” and just things like that. it eased my pain and worry for them throughout the day. surgeries for pets are always scary so whatever (small things) to do to ease the pain definitley helps.”
“Love this place! The vet tech made me feel very comfortable with my boxer and made her comfortable as well! They understand and are helpful when I am on a budget. Very friendly staff!”
“The best of both facility and cost effectiveness. Well worth the 17-mile drive:+)”
“As the manager of the Brook Run dog park in Dunwoody, I have referred many, many people to WellPet, and a number of them have said how happy they were to patronize your clinics.”
“Your staff is great! Extremely knowledgeable, caring, considerate, and just NICE!”
“The atmostphere was caring, loving and entertaining. My cats saw kittens and dogs for the lst time. We were entertained with all the well loved animals.”
“I have 4 dogs – one has addison’s and she might not be here if not for WellPet – great care and the pricing has made it affordable for me. My recent emergency visit on Sat, 10-22, was frantic and Dr. Hill was wonderful. Just wonderful.”
“I will continue to bring my pets and tell others about your facility from my excellent experience.”
“Need more parking. Great job all around on service!”
“I was very pleased with the kind staff, clean facility and affordable prices. I may not have been able to afford to get my dogs the shots they needed. Thank you!”
A magnificent team of dedicated, life-saving angels!!!”
“WellPet Humane’s staff and veterinarians made an immeasurable difference in the quality of life for our elderly dachshund.  I cannot express the gratitude that I have for the kindness and empathy that has been shown to me during our visits.  Thank you so much.”
“Care is quick and efficient, they don’t try to upsell you on unnecessary items/procedures  and willl not refuse to see an emergency because vaccinations aren’t current (that still doesn’t excuse the owner from vaccinating the animal). I recommend going to the vax clinic on a weekday morning, the saturday clinic can get crowded early”
“Best place EFUR!!!”
“Great staff and affordable care!! Love these guys!”
“This organization is amazing!! Both of my animals have had kidenty stones and without Wellpet we would have been in a major bind. Both pets are doing great and are as healthy as can be! Thank you so much for everything you do. Nalah and Eva send their love!!”

“Greetings Dr. Cargile, and all WellPet Humane team members!

This letter is written to express my sincerest appreciation for recent LifeSaver funding for “Missy”. This precious and precocious feline arrived at my house as a feral during 2002. With patient and loving care, Missy became a tame, happy, affectionate house cat.

When a hematoma was discovered as the cause of her very puffy ear on June 14th, attempts at draining it proved unsuccessful. Surgery became mandatory for Missy and was scheduled for June 21st.

Without the existence of the WellPet Humane LifeSaver Fund, I would have been at a loss. Thank you for so graciously reviewing and approving my application. As a result of this funding, Missy is well on the way to mending!

WellPet Humane’s reputation for quality care at affordable costs as made it possible for me to maintain my fury family of dogs, cars, and ferets. I rely one hundred percent upon services rendered by WellPet Humane and highly recommend your veterinary clinic to anyone searching for professional veterinary services.

Let me add that the WellPet team members have been exceptionally kind to me during periodic visits. I especially wish to express my appreciate to Sara Anne who stayed with me later in the evening during Missy’s first appointment on June 14th, while I waited for a tow truck to tow my car from your location to my home several miles south. The tow truck was late in arriving, my cell phone battery had gone dead, and Sara Anne calmly waited until the tow truck arrived and I was safely on my way home. This meant so much to me!

Each and every one of you connected with WellPet is so very special. Not just as professionals in the field, but as human beings as well!”