July 20, 2017

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Senior Wellness

seniorsAt WellPet Humane, we consider animals to be seniors when they are halfway through their life expectancy. On average, dogs over age 7 and cats over age 8 are considered “geriatric” pets.  Different breeds have different life expectancies. For example, a miniature poodle wouldn’t be considered a senior until the age of eight, but a St. Bernard is considered a senior at age four. It is crucial to catch any changes in your older pet’s health as early as possible. Early detection allows for early treatment which can significantly improve the quality of your older pet’s life.

Since your pet cannot vocalize his/her feelings, you must rely on regular physical examinations and your in-home observations to optimize your pet’s health. Wellness Exams may require diagnostic lab tests and/or X-rays to establish baselines. We offer affordable senior panels that provide a more detailed picture of your pet’s condition. WellPet Humane will offer these evaluation tools only if your pet’s condition calls for it.
As your pet ages, you can count on our expert veterinary staff to provide the quality, customized care he or she needs.