July 20, 2017

Phone: 770-455-1011

President’s Message

BobC2We started in 2002 with Project CatSnip. We recognized that 50% of cats being euthanized in shelters are kittens. That symbolized a major spay-neuter problem. We  launched CatSnip to attack the problem. We were the first in Metro Atlanta to provide affordable spay/neuter as a non-lethal means to lower the cat population. Today I am proud to say that CatSnip has performed over 60,000 quality spays and neuters. God only knows how many cat lives we saved through CatSnip.

Taking what little profit we made over six years, in 2008 we opened WellPet Humane in Chamblee, GA. Our purpose was/is to provide critical veterinary services for animals whose owners are financially struggling while continuing to be a spay-neuter resource. We estimate that in 2008 pet owners who could not afford to take their pets to veterinarians comprised 20-25% of the market. Do to the current economic downturn we believe that portion of the market has risen to 40-45%.

These are people who love their pets but have to make some tough choices, do I get the surgery my pet needs and bankrupt my family or do I take my beloved pet’s life. That is a tough choice! Before WellPet, they had no where to go. Now they do. We believe an animal should not have to die simply because owners cannot afford their care. We work to end economic euthanasia, care for disadvantaged animals and help caretakers get through hard times.

I am blessed by having a co-founder and partner, Dr. Amy Orlin who sincerely cares about the life of a companion animal and has dedicated her career to relieving their pain and suffering. We are also fortunate to have three “humanitarian veterinarians, or the “dream team” as I call them, ” Dr. Jana Cargile, Dr. Mary Pat Hill and Dr. Allison Edelstein. With Dr. Orlin, they truly have a strong commitment to excellence in veterinary medicine and a compassion for animals that is unexceled.

Our staff is the best. Our team members play a key role in our service commitment to our clients. WellPet fosters a work environment where diversity is valued and each employees skill set is nurtured. Everyone who works at WellPet knows the joy of the human-animal bond and they all work tirelessly to help both our clients and their pets – every day. They all love animals and want to use their knowledge and skills to help them be healthy and enjoy positive outcomes. If you visit WellPet, please thank them. It means a lot to them.

Please join with us in our mission to provide life-saving medical services for indigent animals (strays, abandonded, neglicted) and those animals whoes owners have no means for payment. We are a nonprofit, 501 c3 tax-deductible organization. We are structured so our low-cost fees provide for our operating expenses. That means that should you decide to support our mission, every penny of every dollar goes to helping save the life of a Pet In Need.

Thanks for your support.
Bob Christiansen