July 20, 2017

Phone: 770-455-1011


Pet-PharmacyWellPet Humane has its own full-service, in-house pharmacy where you can refill prescriptions for your pet, including medications or prescription diets, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products, or heartworm preventatives that our doctors prescribe. We refill authorized prescriptions 2 main ways:

  • ePetHealth web portal or
  • Phone—simply call us at 770-455-1011 option

You can pick up your prescription at the WellPet clinic during regular business hours or have them sent to you through our online pharmacy for a small shipping and handling fee. For clinic pick-ups please provide us with a minimum of 24-48 hours advanced notice on your prescription refills so that we can have your pet medications ready when you arrive to pick them up.
If you prefer to order your pet’s medications and prescriptions online and  receive them via the mail, you can do so through ePetHealth. You must be a client of WellPet with a email in our system to access this service.

Please note: WellPet only prescribes medications for pets that we examine and we can only refill prescriptions that we write.