July 20, 2017

Phone: 770-455-1011

Our Mission


WellPet Humane works to relieve animal pain and suffering by operating low-cost veterinary medical programs targeting indigent animals and low-income owners. We dream that one day no pet will be a victim of “Economic Euthanasia.” We save animal lives every day. These animals have no other place to turn, they are often in pain and in need of medical assistance. There is a much greater need for these services than we have resources.
WellPet has 9 humanitarian veterinarians and a support staff of 36.

We are Metro Atlanta’s charity veterinary medical clinic.

Our values are more than just words. They tell what we strive for in order to fulfill our mission.
The values of the Atlanta Animal Alliance are:

  1. Charity: service to those animals whose owners are financially struggling
  2. Quality: highest medical standards of care for people and pets
  3. Accountability: managing our resources competently and effectively
  4. Commitment: to the people who help us accomplish our goals
  5. Mutual Respect:to foster a spirit of cooperation and trust.