June 29, 2017

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Low Cost Services

low_costLow Cost, Affordable Pet Services is our commitment. We offer value for our clients! Atlanta’s Pet Charity Clinic is devoted to the veterinary care of animals owned by financially challenged individuals as well as humane rescuers, shelters or animal welfare groups.
As anyone with a pet knows, obtaining professional care for a sick or injured animal can easily run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many of our clients live at or below poverty level, many are seniors living on a fixed income, people living with disabilities, or other pet owners with little discretionary income for veterinary care.
The people who come to WellPet usually have nowhere else to go for veterinary care for their beloved pet. Now they do!
The Atlanta Animal Alliance was formed to alleviate animal pain, suffering and premature death. How would you feel if you could not afford the medical care your pet desperately needs to relieve its’ pain and suffering? What if you were an animal without a home… sick, injured or abused, without a guardian, in pain, suffering and slowly dying?
Unexpected accidents or life-threatening illnesses can occur at any time during a pet’s life. Most pet owners are able to financially meet these responsibilities. Unfortunately, many pet owners have difficulty affording these vital services. It is the mission of the Atlanta Animal Alliance to serve animals whose owners are struggling financially and animals that have no homes or no one to provide for them. Most of these animals are “put to sleep” for what is oftentimes a treatable condition. We dream that one day no pet will be a victim of “Economic Euthanasia.”