July 20, 2017

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Flea & Tick

fleaCycleEstablish an Effective Flea & Tick Program in Your Home

  • Treat all pets in home. Fleas will undoubtedly attack all animals in the house.
  • Choose the right dosage for each pet’s weight. Flea preventatives are most effective when used for the correct weight of each pet.
  • Treat home and yard. Use a fogger, spray, or powder to treat furniture, carpet, and hard to reach areas inside the home. Use a yard spray to treat outdoor areas. Vacuum frequently, especially carpets and other soft coverings where your pet tends to lounge. Don’t forget your car.
    Wash your pet’s bed, blanket, toys and other soft items in the hottest water possible.

It’s a good idea to check pets for fleas on a regular basis. It is especially important to check if your pets seem unusually nervous or grumpy, or if they’re scratching more than seems natural.



Tick Control

A two-prong approach to tick control.

  1. Control ticks in the environment.
  2. Control ticks on your pets.

brown-dog-tickIn your environment, minimize the threat of ticks with two simple tactics:

  1. Make your yard unfriendly to ticks by keeping your grass short, bushes trimmed and minimizing mulch or leaf litter.
  2. Avoid tick breeding grounds like tall grass and brush when you are out on walks.