July 20, 2017

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vetexam2Puppy Wellness Exams
Comprehensive Wellness Exams are the foundation of good health. Your puppy’s first exam should take place as soon as possible after adoption. Schedule an appointment at WellPet as soon as possible. Your puppy should have exams every three weeks until he has completed his puppy wellness series at 16 weeks of age (or older). Each vaccine is important and some are not effective unless they are boosted within a certain time frame, usually 3-4 weeks after initial vaccine.

Adult Wellness Exams
Wellpet recommends annual comprehensive physical examinations on all adult dogs and cats. This includes weight monitoring, oral exam, ocular exam, ear exam, listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope, abdominal palpation, and examination of the skin and fur, looking for any lumps or growths. This is also a good time to administer any vaccinations due (see canine immunizations), perform their annual heartworm/tick screening test and to check a fecal sample for intestinal parasites.

Senior Wellness Exams
During a senior dog health exam, our veterinarians will ask you a series of questions regarding any changes in your dog’s activity and behavior. The veterinarian will also conduct a complete examination of all of your dog’s body systems. Laboratory testing will also be ordered. The laboratory results will help us understand your dog’s health. When your dog is healthy, laboratory tests provide a means to determine baseline” values. When your dog is sick, we then compare the “baseline” values and the current values. Subtle changes in these laboratory test results, even in the outwardly healthy animal, may signal the presence of an underlying disease. Lab tests frequently include: blood count, urinalysis, blood chemistry and parasite evaluation.

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