March 30, 2017

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We are aware of the recent news story questioning the safety of canine Bravecto. We have sold thousands of doses of Bravecto since it became available for use, and have had no known adverse effects reported. We believe Bravecto is safe and effective in the control and prevention of fleas and ticks. This product has fewer adverse reactions reported during extensive testing than most any other parasite product available. Many of our staff members use Bravecto on their own pets, and will continue to do so. This being said, we want our clients to be comfortable with whatever product they use on their fur babies, so we understand if you want to try a different product. We have several options for flea and tick control and prevention, so please ask us what might be best for you.

If you have any questions regarding reactions seen in your own pet after using Bravecto, please call Merck’s Technical Support Team at 1-800-224-5318. And thank you for trusting WellPet Humane with the care of your pet! Please note that due to federal regulations we will not be accepting returns of Bravecto.